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HP Workpath

DTP Group

DTP Group builds intuitive apps to accelerate digital transformation. Successful digital transformation is about the seamless integration of the physical and the digital, and your multi-function printer (MFP) sits right in that sweet spot.

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DTP trials HP Workpath to create new, intuitive print apps

DTP Group, an HP exclusive partner, was invited to be one of a select number of worldwide partners to pilot HP Workpath, a new platform that allows familiar apps to be run directly from a client’s multi-function printer, as well as a platform for the development of new app experiences.


Adding value to Manged Print Services

DTP is leveraging the ‘HP Lighthouse’ apps that have been developed to launch the program, as well as using the associated HP Software Developers Kit to create its own customised apps to help customers save time, simplify processes and increase productivity.

IT Matters

  • Easily develops new apps that speed and simplify common processes for customers
  • Allows DTP to use many of the same tools and technologies it already uses to develop Android mobile apps
  • HP Workpath platform allows apps to integrate with popular applications to automate disparate processes or provide innovation in bringing totally new apps to market

Rethinking how we print

“The HP Workpath program allows us to take advantage of the proliferation of apps and the evolution of smart, IoT-enabled printers to accelerate our clients’ digital transformation.”

– Howard Hall, Group Managing Director, DTP Group


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