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Seven top tips for choosing an Azure Stack solution


The improvements to operational efficiency by using an Azure Stack solution are huge, allowing companies to enjoy a seamless cloud experience run from their own data centre.

But how do you go about choosing the best Azure Stack solution for your business? Try our seven top tips:

Azure Stack solution and infrastructure solutions

1. Find a vendor which provides both infrastructure solutions and application management, with tools which are capable of automatically detecting the Azure services used by your company. This will help keep costs down.

2. Make sure that your Azure Stack solution offers event management, and is able to provide sufficient protection for security information. Your IT team’s data centre knowledge will help to detect and respond to threats.

3. Look for a Microsoft Azure certified solution. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is one of the three partners appointed by Microsoft, which ensures customers have operational elements such as updates, support and patching taken care of.

4. Can the Azure Stack solution provider offer a multi-cloud platform? If so, you should check to see if this support would assist your IT team in managing a range of cloud services, also including the likes of AWS and OpenStack.

5. Scout around for different pricing models and recognise their benefits to drive down unwanted costs. For example, you may find a pay as you go type plan or consolidated billing works better for your organisation.

6. Look for single vendor support. If your solution is completely covered by the customer support function of your vendor, you could save valuable time when responding to and solving problems.

7. And finally, test away! Trying before you buy is essential to ensuring you choose the right Azure Stack solution. You should aim to experience the solution before making a decision to purchase.

Want to know more about everything from requirements to restrictions? Download HPE’s informative whitepaper on implementing Azure Stack.


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