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HPE OneView 4.0 – Speed, Simplicity and Security


HPE OneView 4.0 enables data centre managers to optimise their resources for maximum value; it converts servers, storage and networking tools into a software-defined infrastructure automation engine. The result? A management platform that can move at the speed of business.


Non-disruptive firmware updates
With the new version of HPE OneView, HPE Synergy customers can update interconnect firmware with no measureable disruption (milliseconds) to application performance.

63 percent faster server deployment
With HPE OneView’s built in software-defined intelligence, IT operations can now automatically discover new ProLiant rack, tower and Apollo servers in just a few clicks, dramatically speeding up the time to complete server setup.

Cloud-like speeds
OneView transforms data centre hardware – servers, storage and networking – into intelligent, software-defined infrastructure that can be provisioned, updated and deployed at cloud-like speeds.


Reduces administrative time by as much as 73 percent
The HPE OneView unified API provides full programmability and the ability to automate practically all aspects of IT infrastructure. With a single line of code, users can fully describe and provision physical resources required for an application, a virtual host, or a container infrastructure.

A streamlined operation
HPE OneView’s single interface is designed for the way IT thinks and works. HPE OneView brings hundreds of systems into a single environment. From the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, customers have a single view of the data centre infrastructure across the globe.


Scope-based access control
Providing a granular level of control, HPE OneView allows administrators to limit resources that users are authorised to modify based on a specific group or role.

Two-factor authentication
HPE OneView 4.0 new second tier security uses identification control, protecting user and configuration data from unauthorised access or manipulation.

Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3)
HPE is adding support for SNMPv3 protocol to enhance the security for monitoring server hardware and interconnects.

HPE OneView 4.0 simplifies management of IT operations, speeds deployment of new apps and services, and reduces risk of unauthorised use.

HPE OneView 4.0 is available for download and installation for a broad range of HPE platforms, including;
HPE Synergy,
HPE ProLiant BL, DL and ML,
HPE Apollo and
HPE Superdome X servers.

To learn more, download the special edition guide HPE OneView for Dummies or get in touch with our experts.


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