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Transform to a hybrid infrastructure with the help of HPE and VMware


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has teamed up with VMware, the cloud and visualisation experts, to produce a whitepaper on the process of transition to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, and its befitting of what you’d expect from a piece of research undertaken by the global software solutions leader.

Not sure how, or where to start, with your transformational journey?

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This is a great reference point for companies weighing up the steps they need to take in order to revolutionise both their customer facing and internal networks.

HPE and VMware advocate scalable virtualisation and protection and optimisation of current investments, rather than a complicated overhaul. They also advise working with “experts at every stage of your move to a modern on-demand infrastructure—from assessment to design, to implementation and support”.

Transforming to hybrid is championed as driving “more flexibility, greater cost-efficiency, enhanced productivity and greater control over resource deployment”. Hybrid’s capability of providing immediate advantages while also remaining open to future changes is a key selling point, allowing organisations to capitalise on the opportunities which come their way.

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You can read the whitepaper in its entirety here or get in touch on 01635 295650 or to discuss how DTP can help you choose the right path to transformational success.

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