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Prevent visual hacking with HP Sure View


Most people think of hacking as malware or phishing, but have you ever considered protecting yourself against the simplest form of hacking; someone watching your computer screen whilst you type in passwords or view confidential documents?

preventing visual hacking and privacy

You could carry a privacy screen with you and manually attach it to your device when needed. But that’s a lot of hassle. Or you could consider the latest security addition to the HP family of products, HP Sure View – the world’s first and only integrated privacy screen.

Given that almost 60 percent of employees conduct their work outside the office walls, physical hacking is becoming an increasing threat. And according to Ponemon Institute’s Global Visual Hacking Experimental Study, 90 per cent of visual hacks are successful.

HP’s Sure View privacy solution allows you to view sensitive information whilst sat in your favourite coffee shop by making it difficult for people around you to glance at your screen. Available on the professional EliteBook 840 and EliteBook 1040, the filter, which was developed using 3M, can be turned on and off at will with the simple touch of a button.

HP have created this light hearted video to introduce their new security feature – give it a watch!

Find out more about HP Sure View – World’s first integrated privacy screen here.


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