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What is Composable Infrastructure, and what are its advantages?


Composable infrastructure could re-define computer architecture over the coming years, offering unmatched data centre automation. Composable infrastructure allows businesses to scale their server requirements more effectively, managing hardware by commands from software. Resource pools are created and assigned only in response to specific requirements of applications on an ongoing basis, facilitating a more streamlined process.

What are the benefits?

It might be said that composable infrastructure allows for the ultra-simplification of IT architecture, in which infrastructure becomes code.

As HPE vice president and chief technologist, David Chalmers, recently explained to Computer World: “We are now at the point with composable infrastructure where you have infrastructure as code: literally a single command line or line of code to deploy a piece of resource to allow you to run your infrastructure.”

As with many of the most successful transformational IT solutions, the major benefits translate into cost savings. That’s because expenditure is cut due to a more efficient use of resources. Its speeding up of applications means advantages when it comes to the introduction of new products, leaving the door open for a substantial number of development paths.

HPE Synergy

HPE has been right at the forefront of the composable infrastructure trend with its enterprise solution, Synergy. Synergy has flown the flag for composable infrastructure and looks set to take up a position as the market leader, due to its ability to support increased speed and continuous delivery. This twin benefit of huge hikes in both speed and efficiency for infrastructure and applications means that Synergy could become a byword for the operational improvements offered by composable infrastructure.

Learn more

To learn more about how Synergy can offer composable infrastructure which can revolutionise IT infrastructures in the digital age, giving companies the edge over their competitors, click here You will find a breakdown of the immediate and long-term benefits, as well as three videos which look more closely at how these advantages manifest themselves on the front line of your business.

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