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DTP's Server Solution enables Ayrshire College to benefit from a stable multi-site environment


Brad Johnstone, IT Manager at Ayrshire College, first engaged DTP in 2013 following a bid for a new Veeam back up solution. Brad was impressed by DTP as they quickly demonstrated their ability as a company that offered expert support and didn’t simply transact a sale. They presented the College with a whole different way of looking at things and a range of different options.

A stable and resilient environment with real business continuity

DTP configured Veeam so it was available on all three campuses, which means that data is regularly backed up and can be restored from any site. The Veeam Solution also uses HP StoreOnce to store backed-up data, which de-dupes the data during the back-up process, meaning much less storage is required. It also allows backup data to be replicated across the three sites, thus reducing the dependency on one.

Along with HP StoreOnce, the DTP server solution involved the installation of HP ProLiant Servers and HP StoreVirtual. These were configured to work together, which means that even though the servers are on different sites they still talk to each other. Therefore, if any element of the server solution should fail, the other site will continue to run services and apps on its behalf. DTP also fixed problems with Hyper-V and stretched it across the three campuses, which now offers full resilience. In essence, the College can now operate full services across all three sites even if one or two are lost.

No unexpected cost

In terms of cost savings, it is difficult for the College to put a figure on this. What the server solution does offer is predictable spend with no unexpected costs. The College can now easily forecast and budget what it will spend on the server solution which it could not before. And savings are certainly being realised through the reduction of licenses required for the new virtualised environment, along with the benefits to the team whose time can now be better used on testing and development, as opposed to supporting the large number of physical servers.

Brad comments, “We are in a much stronger place than before DTP came in. I can now benefit from a real peace of mind, and you can’t really put a value on that!”

A trusted IT partner

Brad is very positive about the relationship between Ayrshire College and DTP Group: “From early on in our partnership with DTP their expertise quickly shone through. They go that extra mile and it really feels like they care about the College and our future. Our account manager is always available on the other end of the phone to discuss ideas and their technical engineers are the best I have ever worked with. Our relationship with DTP is built on trust and I really see them as a safe pair of hands”

“DTP is not a company who want to make a quick buck and get out. There is a real sense that they are doing the right thing and supporting us.”

Ayrshire Collge building with river - Server Solution


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