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Server Refresh, Ease and Simplicity - words that you wouldn’t necessarily associate


DTP Group, HP Gold Server Specialist has been an IT partner to a residential and commercial property consultancy for over 5 years, since it worked with the global property specialist to virtualise its London-based server estate.

Back in 2011, DTP provided what was, at the time, new technology; HP blade chassis and blade servers to consolidate their existing IBM estate. Fast-forward to present day and the servers had reached the end of their practicable life so the company went to market to evaluate options for replacement.

The Solution

It soon became clear to the client that HP Gen 9 blades were the option that delivered the best value for two key reasons:

  • Ease; continuity was ensured by a seamless fit with their existing infrastructure.
  • Simplicity; the upgrade from Gen 5 to Gen 9 could be implemented within their existing chassis (a little known fact that in the majority of cases, you can upgrade to Gen 9 blades using your existing chassis!)

With no major disruption to their infrastructure, further investment outside of the core products was not required as their existing ecosystem could sufficiently support the new servers.

In return for the investment in upgraded servers, they now benefit from superior performance including:

  • Increased capacity – moved from 128Gb to 1Tb Gen 9 (based on BL460 C Gen 9),
  • Significantly better CPU performance – moved from AMD 4 Core to Intel E5 2670B3 12 Core.
  • Improved functionality – HP’s new ‘sea of sensors’ online improve fault detection and offer users heat and power data.
  • Increased bandwidth (and throughout) – moved from 4GB to 16GB fibre channel in all blades to improve performance for their back-end storage.
Knight Frank Building - Server Solutions
So what value has the company gained from their HP Gen 9 server refresh?

For users it’s simple; they are now able to quickly access applications and issues of non-responsive applications have been eradicated. And for the IT team, they haven’t had to migrate services from old servers to new servers to enable this.

They’ve simply replaced old for new hardware. By mapping everything onto the new hardware in their own time, they remained in complete control of minimal service disruption for the entire refresh project.

Upgrade the technology within your existing infrastructure; a compelling reason for change to HP Blades Gen 9.


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