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WHITEPAPER: Getting the most from your Virtualisation Data Centre with HP ConvergedSystem


In this post you will read a summary of the findings from Frost & Sullivan’s recently published whitepaper, “Getting the Most from Your Virtualised Data Centre with Converged Systems”.

The white paper recognises that in this day and age IT departments needs to be more agile, cost effective and flexible, hyper-competitiveness and escalating user expectations continues to accelerate the pace at which businesses operate. This in turn brings with it a heightened security concern and compliance obligations that further raise the stakes, and exacerbates the fallout from failure.

IT departments are under pressure to meet escalating demands from business leaders, customers, partner and employees, while also protecting the business. Budgets are not keeping pace with rising demands which shows the old way of running IT just won’t work in this new business environment.

In order to attain efficiencies, businesses have turned to virtualisation. However, many are discovering that simply adding a hypervisor to their existing servers isn’t delivering the cost and process efficiencies they need. It’s not going to take their business in to the future.

IT departments now need to implement a solution that supports change. They need a business process solution, which gets IT, out of the custom infrastructure maintenance business and into the business of addressing core business issues and outcomes. A solution that automates tasks, simplifies administration, provides visibility for tracking performance, allocating costs and that replaces manual, labour-intensive efforts with simple, repeatable systems.

This is where IT departments would do well, the report says, turning to a converged system like the new HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualisation.

HP ConvergedSystem

HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualisation ensures highest performance levels and maximum efficiencies for your virtualised workload. HP ConvergedSystem is an integrated system that supports multiple data centre deployment models, and provides a pathway from the virtualised data centre to the cloud.

It is ultimately designed so that it is “workload-optimised.”, which eliminates cycle time and guesswork in provisioning workloads, thus speeding deployment and reducing risks.

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