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HP 3PAR; new Adaptive Flash Cache and Adaptive Optimisation helps performance


In this latest article, as posted on IT Central Station we review HP’s Enterprise Flash Array Storage, 3PAR, Version 7200 & 7400.

The 7200 and 7400 are both easy to manage. The reporting suite is a must and gives you all the information you need to manage storage. Thin suite helps you manage how the storage is used and reclaimed, and one of the best features is the new Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC) which combined with Adaptive Optimisation (AO), really helps performance.

HP 3PAR Storage

HP 3PAR in action

We have implemented two 7400 arrays replacing older EVAs with replication. We used to use CLX (Cluster Extensions for EVA) for the Windows machines, but we didn’t have anything except manual failover for the VMware environment.

With the 7400, we implemented Peer Persistence and this removed the requirement of CLX and also gave us a similar site protection in the VMware environment, so we no longer have to do a manual failover.

After spending months of looking at products and selecting HP’s 3PAR, the best advice is to: – Plan the installation and migration – this definitely saved us time in getting the new storage into production, – Think about all the features you require, as they aren’t expensive and will probably save you money, for example Peer-Persistence was a good one for the 7400, – Don’t buy for years – as they are easily upgraded the capacity should be sized correctly.

To read Graham’s full review and download a free Enterprise Flash Array Storage Report login to IT Central Station.

For the 7200 there has been no downtime in over two years and this is priceless.


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