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HP Z Workstations. Conquer any workload.


Whatever your professional requirement, there’s a HP Z Workstation for you. Whether it’s performance-driven computing, design work in space-constrained environments, 3D models, extreme visualisation of analysis of large and complex datasets. The Z Workstation range is designed from the inside out to fulfil your needs.

These Workstations deliver high performance and reliability with the latest innovation and industry leading technologies, along with offering expandability, well beyond standard computers’ capabilities and at entry price point.

HP Z Workstation and Display

Workstations that run 24/7

HP Z Workstations can run 24/7, 52 weeks a year, whilst at the same time being ultra-quiet and incorporating efficient power and cooling solutions. With a wide range of configurable features, this also means you can grow your workstation quickly and easily as required, adding memory, storage and I/O expandability.

Certified ISV application: Increase your confidence with a workstation that has been tested, proven and certified for leading applications.

HP Z Workstations

Which workstation is right for you?

  • HP Z230 Workstation: HP’s most affordable workstation, ideal for AutoCAD, NavisWorks and Inventor.
  • HP Z440 Workstation: High levels of performance and memory expandability at a great price.
  • HP Z640 Workstation: HP’s most versatile workstation, ideal for rendering and simulation on a low budget.
  • HP Z840 Workstation: HP’s highest performing workstation, ideal for Autodesk Showcase, 3ds Max, Inventor power users, and Autodesk Product Design Suites.
  • HP Mobile Workstations: With the HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation get a mobile workstation experience without compromising on performance or durability and with an exceptional battery life. Choose from a ZBook 15G2, ZBook 17G2 and the new ZBook 15u G2
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Build your own HP Workstation with DTP on the NDNA

The DTP Configurator, specifically for Higher Education users, lets you build your own custom HP machine whilst keeping within the specific requirements of your organisations (i.e. preferred models)

All pricing is within the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) guidelines and we work to strict service level agreements to fulfil orders.

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