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Say Hello to the Next-Gen HP DesignJets


HP DesignJet printers have long led the field in wide format printing, but the new T730 large-format printer and T830 multifunction printer (MFP) have moved the DesignJet range even further ahead of the pack.

Faster, more efficient printing

As you’d expect, there have been some major advances under the hood of the new DesignJet models which deliver impressive performance improvements.

The T730 and T830 both produce prints three times faster than previous HP models. In fact, they can deliver A1/D-size prints in just 25 seconds.

They’re also fitted with a specifically designed semi-permanent print head. Combine that with the ability to print at half scale, and you’ve got ultra-efficient printing that can cut waste by 50%. The flexibility to choose from 40ml to 300ml cartridges also helps manage consumables in more cost-efficient way.

managed print services and wide format printing
Easy to use, built to last

Increased speed and efficiency are great, but one of the things that really makes the T730 and T830 stand out from the crowd is that they’re equally at home on construction sites and in the office. Damage-resistant design, industrial-grade stands (and optional ruggedised transportation cases) mean these printers can go pretty much anywhere they’re needed.

And when they get there, they’re incredibly easy to set up and use.

For a start, there’s no need to waste time hooking these DesignJets up to a network – if they’re in range of a Wi-Fi signal, they’re ready to print. No more waiting days for IT to authorise a printer on to the network – the T730 and T830 are good to go in minutes.

A compact design that’s half the size of previous generations also means they won’t hog your workspace. And an intuitive touchscreen control panel provides a smartphone-like experience that makes them easy to operate.

Designed for a mobile world

Talking of smartphones, the T730 and T830 have a unique advantage over other large-format printers on the market – you can control them from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Printing directly from a mobile device or emailing a document straight to the printer allows teams to be far more productive. And the T830 MFP takes productivity a step further by helping dispersed teams collaborate quickly and easily.

As well as printing, scanning and copying, the T830 enables colleagues to capture and share feedback and changes quickly across the team, so everyone’s working from the most up-to-date information.

Design changes that might once have halted work for days can be turned around in hours. For example, a site manager can print off a drawing and walk the site, annotate the drawing where changes are needed, then scan and share it with the architects and get a revised drawing sent direct to the on-site printer.

manage print services and wide format printing
Which one’s right for you?

Both models are robust, compact and easy to use, and they both offer high-performance wide format printing needed in architecture, construction or engineering firms. They also come with cut-sheet trays for standard A4 and A3 printing, making them a very versatile choice.

The T730 is a great CAD and general-purpose printer for any environment. But if you need MFP functionality, or you frequently need to collaborate with remote colleagues, go for the T830.

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