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The New HP Sprout. Revolutionary?


The new HP Sprout gives its users the opportunity to add a whole new dimension to their creativity, taking an object from the real world, manipulating it in the digital world and bringing it to life in physical space. So says HP. We put it to the test with some clients and in this article you’ll hear their verdict.

As the world’s first immersive computer and as a fully integrated desktop scanning solution with 3D object capture, the HP Sprout offers a revolutionary way to create.

HP Sprout with Shell

How it works…

1. Grab

Sprout’s Illuminator incorporates Intel RealSense technology, allowing you to scan an object in 3D.

Simply place your object on the touch mat and tap the scan button. Sprout activates the Intel Realsense 3D camera, touch mat, and additional cameras and sensors in the Illuminator to capture a 3D colour image of your object.

HP Sprout Design Page

2. Mash

Users can reimagine objects in the digital world by resizing or adding new design elements. Simply rotate, shrink, stretch, or combine your object with other 3D objects to give your creation a whole new life.

The built in image creation and editing software has some nice features. The 2D image capture element digitises paper documents quickly and easily.

HP Sprout Shell Designs

3. Make

Users can then use a 3D printer to print their creation at home or through one of HP’s print service partners.

Let your ideas take shape by sharing full 3D images of your creations online, or connect to a 3D printer to create a physical model right before your eyes.

4. Seeing is believing

Use HP’s 3D Capture Stage to make scanning with Sprout even easier. Simply place your object on the stage, hit scan, and watch it go to work.

Our users verdict: Overall the HP Sprout is a compact machine and appears to be relatively good value for money, although the 3D capture processes need to be improved upon for use within the Commercial or Higher Education sectors.

Upon launch, the Sprout software appeared to be very much aimed at home users although this is starting to change with the release of new software and accessories this month which offer enhanced functionality.

It’s certainly one to watch for developments for future use.


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