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UWS Deploys Student Analytics to Drive Student Attainment


Student attainment, retention, progression and predictive analytics has never been more important for Universities as they strive to impress students and remain competitive. Students have a greater choice than ever of where they attend University and how much that might cost them to attend through course fees, so they becoming discerning consumers. Increasingly they are looking at everything from the campus facilities and IT through to links with partners, companies and the likelihood of them securing employment post-graduation, before they select their preferred Institution.

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) has recently signed a deal with Student Analytics specialists Solutionpath to deliver its StREAM service to promote student retention and attainment, taking a forward-thinking approach to empowering its students to become self-determined learners and give them the personalised support that Solutionpath’s own research suggests improve the outcomes of users.

The StREAM service, delivered as a desktop and mobile app, will allow UWS’s students to understand how they are ‘engaging’ with their University, measured using data from a mixture of physical and virtual campus resources and systems. Success metrics have been correlated with activity data to determine what ‘good’ looks like which not only allows the student to take more control of their learning, but also enables Tutors to more effectively guide and help students by intervening when a student might deviate from tested pathways.

The launch of the new system is the starting point of a major transformation at the University, toward its strategy of “dreaming, believing, achieving”. Significantly, the University expects to use the system to measure usage of campus resources and systems and understand really which factors are affecting student success so it can appropriately plan its IT transformation before they provision services.

David Cole, Director of Solutionpath comments,*
“We are delighted to be working in partnership with UWS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and BT on this joint project which will see StREAM delivered into the University for an initial period of 3 years. The University will gain really valuable insights that will help them provide focused support to their students to drive attainment and reduce attrition. And this is something we’re already seeing at our other clients including Nottingham Trent University (NTU) where StREAM is now in its second full production year”.
So why did the University choose StREAM by Solutionpath when there are other systems available and more planned from in-sector organisations such as JISC?

Jim O’Donnell, CIO at UWS comments,
“Solutionpath were able to offer us a production ready system, which gives a rapid time to insight and in turn this will help us work more effectively with the data around Students engagement. The system gives us real-time data which allows for real time action.

StREAM by Solutionpath is an award winning toolset, developed in sector with other higher education partners that supports decision making, enabling higher education institutions to maximise their resources. Through reliable data analysis risks and opportunities are identified before they happen. It comprises a number of modules covering Risk & Retention, Progression & Attainment, Attendance Monitoring & CPD and UK VI Compliance and Management.

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