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Data Management & Predictive Analytics

DTP use data management and predictive analytics to transform your data from a potential liability into a valuable asset

Solutionpath, part of DTP Group, develops and delivers award-winning problem solving solutions for Higher Education. These address and improve student retention, progression and attainment.

Solutionpath’s unique STudent Retention, Engagement and Attainment Monitoring (StREAM) service delivers an easy to use Tutor Dashboard. This uses data management and predictive analytics to track interaction between students and staff in order to provide a clear view of student engagement.

Predictive Analytics

The Tutor Dashboard, developed by Solutionpath in conjunction with HP Autonomy products uses predictive analytics to alert tutors when engagement falls below predefined levels and prompts them to intervene sooner rather than later. It also provides broader insights into attainment; it can be used to spot students on the cusp of better grades in sufficient time for tutors to put in place action plans to help them achieve them.

Find out why Universities like Nottingham Trent University are collaborating with Solutionpath to achieve better student outcomes – visit

For the first 50 years of its existence, Information Technology has been all about technology. Now, for the next 50 years and beyond, the focus will be upon Information.

Mankind has generated more data in the last two years than it has in its entire preceding history. But, whilst today’s organisations are producing a wealth of data, many are struggling to extract any significant or lasting value out of it. And, in many instances, their data is becoming more of a liability than an asset.

The problem is that many organisations simply don’t know what data they are holding or where exactly it resides. They don’t have the tools or expertise they need to control, manage and leverage their data for the

benefit of their users, citizens or stakeholders. What they do have is a ‘one size fits all’ and a ‘keep everything’ approach to data management. It’s time for a change.

Once you adopt a data-centric strategy, you will gain the ability to transform data into actionable business insight – and the power to achieve real business transformation. All you need to achieve this, is the smartest predictive analytical tools and deep experience and expertise. And that’s exactly what DTP has to offer.

Let’s start with ‘Proof of Concept’ and a 1TB data segment

Committing your organisation to a complete transformation in its approach to Data Management and Governance is a big step. Your senior stakeholders will expect to see solid proof that it will work, and that it will deliver a valuable and lasting ROI. And that’s exactly what DTP will provide.

Together with Hewlett Packard we have introduced a Proof of Concept (POC) approach. We start by working with 1TB of your data, which we interrogate, ‘right size’ and validate. We identify obsolete and trivial data that can be safely removed, and de-dupe wherever appropriate. We then ‘right tier’ your data so it resides in the best possible location and retrospectively assign data policies, such as variable retention, and pro-active data governance. All this is completed on-site using a time limited ‘as-a-service’ (SaaS) application, so no data leaves your premises.

The Proof of Concept initiative will enable DTP to demonstrate the potential value that resides within your data and the reductions in effort, cost and business risk you will achieve by implementing a truly data-centric strategy.

Now you’re ready to seize complete control over all of your data - and your entire business

Traditional data strategies have focused primarily upon the data containers. So the response to running out of storage capacity was simply to buy more capacity. This creates a cycle of short-term investments without any long-term gain. However, once you fully understand your data and the value it can deliver to your organisation, you’ll be in a position to manage your data-footprint and storage costs far more effectively and cost-efficiently.

With the help of DTP’s specialist experience, tools and expert support, you will adopt a completely data-centric approach to your IT resources, processes and corporate governance. Your information will be centralised into a single source that provides a 360 degree view of your business.

Greater Data Control

DTP’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) services ensure that all new and changed data goes through the automated control layer. This applies the agreed indexing procedure, location assignment and retention policies. Data control is performed using DTP’s own predictive analytical tools, together with market-leading HP Autonomy software. At the core of this is the IDOL technology which enables our software to interpret data in much the same way as humans read data. This delivers the most comprehensive view of your data achievable and provides your people with deeper and clearer insights into your business. Having a ‘new’, centralised single view of all your data simplifies the application and management of policy. It also means your staff won’t have to learn multiple system tools and user interfaces.

Simpler Data Management

DTP’s Information Lifecycle Management services will also make it easier to manage your data in line with legislation such as: Freedom of Information, Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes-Oxley – which will minimise your organisation’s exposure to data related regulatory fines.

You’ll gain the ability to drill down as deeply as you wish into your corporate data. You’ll have the clearest ever view and most detailed understanding of every data type and category that exists across your entire organisation. You’ll have new data management and predictive analytics tools generating visual graphics with statistical summaries and ‘hot spots’ of information that enable your executives to identify trends, patterns and behaviours that are important to their goals. A range of tools and reports will support a simple, policy-driven and fully compliant clean-up process. You’ll be able to produce reports on data items that are marked for deletion, review and approve workflow processes, and maintain detailed audit trails. The ‘one system’, ‘single view’ approach will enable all stakeholders, such as risk managers, compliance officers and legal counsel, to collaborate and enforce governance policies.

DTP’s Data Management and Predictive Analytics empowers your people to make more accurate, timelier and productive decisions. And it provides the policies and frameworks that ensure your organisation meets its corporate governance obligations in full, even in the most heavily regulated market sectors.


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